Ferguson, Missouri.

Tonight, the grand jury in Ferguson Missouri decided that a white police officer does not need to go to court after shooting an unarmed black man four times.

I…have no words for this.

It’s absolutely an issue of racism.


Sometimes, it just seems like…this world is so messed up.


There are students missing in Mexico.

People are getting arrested for peaceful protests in the U.S.


…and half the people I talk to…don’t seem to think there’s a problem?


Sometimes, all I see is all of the work that needs to be done, because…the world could be a good place for everyone.

It’s just…not.



3 thoughts on “Ferguson, Missouri.

  1. There isn’t just one problem. There are many. Also, it sounds like you’ve only heard one side of the story. Now, I wasn’t there, and I’m not saying he definitely should have shot that guy, but that guy was KNOWN for being violent and aggressive. Video tapes showed him going for the officers gun before the officer shot him. Shortly before he was shot, there are video tapes showing him abusing a mini-mart store owner as he robbed the store. Again, I’m not saying he should have been shot, but there’s a lot more to the story then people seem to realize. If anything, the media should be held up for perpetuating violence.

    Also, note that the store owner who was robbed was targeted by “protestors” and had his store trashed by them. Yes, I know, not all protestors are bad. Most are great! But here, again, is another problem.


    • Honestly, I am of the opinion that no matter which “side of the story” people have heard, Micheal Brown was shot four times.

      Even if it was in self-defense, it should still go to trial.

      There’s a reason that we have “vehicular manslaughter”. It means “You didn’t mean to, but you hit someone and you killed them.”

      Regardless of how it actually went down, it needs to go to court. Even if you argue “It was self defense”, that means you plead “Not Guilty”. In a court.

      I don’t care what the verdict of the trial would have been (Okay. Actually I do. Because I think that what happened there wasn’t okay. At all. But, not the point I’m trying to make here.).

      There just needs to be a *trial*.

      At the absolute *least*.

      There are lots of different layers to the situation in Ferguson. However, none of those things negate the need for a trail.

      A trail by peers. It’s sort of one of the most basic components of our justice system.

      The fact that there isn’t even a *trail* is just…disgusting beyond words to me.

      And also something that never, ever would have happened if the victim was white.


  2. Really excellent news article I read recently:
    Horrifying, I should clarify. Because no, even if Mike Brown were white, it might not have mattered. The author gives three cases of police brutality all in the Puget Sound area, from all of which the officers walked off scott-free or hell, with paid leave. Yes, Ferguson is bringing up the fact that we are still not a racially equal country. Yes, people should protest and yes that officer should face trial and be convicted.
    But he probably won’t. And while it definitely has to do with race, more than anything it has to do with the justice system in our country, both of which should terrify citizens. As the author of that article puts it, “[T]he narrative that’s developed out of Ferguson is that the officer there wasn’t charged because the system is inherently racist. Parts of it may be, but more so it’s just incredibly pro-cop. It lets them walk pretty much no matter what[… It’s] hard to imagine anything with the police ever being legally wrong.”
    I don’t mean to take anything from the racism protests going down, but there’s an inherent problem with our legal system that is simply going to let the officer get away without a trial. And not understanding that and bemoaning racism and stuff WON’T SEE A CHANGE IN ANYTHING. At the minimum, we need to understand *why* the officer isn’t going to get punished before we start trying to fix the current system.
    That’s likely why the attorney for their police department quit. Regardless of evidence, regardless of witnesses, a cop need only pick a card any card and the court has to let him go. Speaking of witnesses, one of them got murdered. So yeah.
    USA, USA, USA! Don’t come back run far far away.


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