I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself today. I’m still kind of recovering from illness, and just, tired.

But, I’m in a beautiful place, and don’t really like the idea of not doing anything.

So, me being me, I went out to a restaurant that I’d seen advertising live music tonight.

This is perhaps the single best thing about knowing myself. I know that I *love* live music. If I can find enough energy to actually get to the event I will have a good time. (This is also sort of a beautiful thing about traveling by myself, and maybe more than that, giving myself permission to pursue the things that I enjoy.)


I went to this restaurant (where I had Crispy Duck for dinner, because apparently it’s a bit of a Balinese specialty, but also because I don’t recall ever eating duck in my life. So. When in doubt: New Things!) and sat by myself.

There was a woman sitting alone at the table next to me, and a woman sitting alone at the table next to her.

A little bit later, a woman came in by herself and sat alone on a bench along the wall.

The music started. We finished our food.

We decided that four women need not take up four tables.

Erica is a German woman living in New Zealand, who has grandchildren and more stories than I had a chance to hear.

Emily is a French woman who turned 31, realized her life had become the French saying of “Metro, Work, Sleep, Repeat.”, quit her job, left her dog with her mom, and came to Bali.

Daniela is a Mexican woman who went to university in New Zealand, and came to Bali to rendezvous with her boyfriend.

Erica said “Why is it that people are afraid to dance when the music is good?”

and I said “YES! LET’S DANCE!”


So we did.


We pushed the tables together to clear ourselves a dance floor. One of the other patrons of the restaurant was also a musician, so he got up and played with the band.

It became a karaoke dance party.

The staff of the restaurant came and danced with us.


This is why travel is important.

Because sometimes it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re going. Sometimes all that matters is finding the people who aren’t afraid to dance.


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