Of Puppets and Shadows and Theatre

I once attended a school for theatre. It was sort of…really not a the best place for me.

Anyway. There was one assignment that was…supposed to be designing costumes, and I decided to design puppets instead.
(My professor for this class was actually super awesome, and thought this was a really great idea, and totally let me do…many things that weren’t actually, *technically* within the scope of the class. She’s…a huge part of how I lasted as long as I did at that school.)

For this project, I went out and researched about different types of puppetry that could be found around the world.

I was particularly interested in what I found about Hindu shadow puppets.

Tonight, I got to actually see one of these shows.

It was awesome.

Really, I’m just still completely entranced by all of the things that people do with light and shadow.

I keep thinking that someday I’ll get over how much I love theatre. Then I remember, no, never. That shit is in my blood.

And I will always be in love with art made with light and shadow.


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