Meeting Meant To Be

I met a woman, when she snapped a picture of me being greeted by an elephant. She said she would send me the picture, which, in my experience, people always mean to do at the time, but very rarely actually get around to doing.

I was walking through the market later, and I saw her again.
We became shopping buddies which…I don’t know if I’ve ever really done that before. Shopping isn’t something that I do very often.

I, however, got a chance to do some very competitive haggling, which I found to be quite satisfying.

After the market closed, we went to dinner.

We talked about…everything important. We talked about life, and people, and how to amke a difference in a world that feels…so terribly big, sometimes. We talked about support networks and activism, and travel, about peace and hope and the importance of understanding.

We parted ways, me so a show, her to her hotel.

After the show, I was walking home.
Who should I run into, but my new friend.

We crossed the street to the nearest place that was open and we talked of love and the world and of fear and love, and all of the places still left to go; for us and for everyone.

Because sometimes…you run into the people you need to meet most.


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