A Moment of Interruption

Today, I was walking in to the local co-op with a new friend. I was talking about my hair.

I really have quite a lot of grey hair for someone my age and I am so stoked about it.

My mother went grey really quite early, so I have an exceptional shot at becoming a silver fox.

HECK. YES. (Thanks genetics!)

I’ve always wanted to just have long, thick, silver hair.


…Anyway. I was saying pretty much exactly that, when a woman at the co-op stopped us and said “I’m crashing this conversation”.


And then…it became this moment of three people, none of whom no each other particularly well, some of whom are strangers to each other, just having this conversation about what it means to take pride in a physical form, and what it’s like to fill your skin with confidence.

She talked about how many years she spent worried about what she looked like, and how she learned to focus on what she feels like. My new friend talked about proud of his body, even if it might not fit current definitions of the standards of beauty.


I got a hug at the end of all of it, and I just… I feel like this is people.


My life is magical, and people are beautiful, and sometimes the people you’ll never see again say the most important things.


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