Beer Tastings and Barbershop

I was attending a party at my best friends house, which ended conveniently when he had to kick us all out to go to work for a few hours.

I saw this as an opportunity.

So, my friend went to work and I stole his boyfriend and other best friend and took them across town for a beer tasting.

(My friend is more of a wine person, and his boyfriend is more of a beer person. Said boyfriend, however, claimed that the area had no good beer, and seriously, there are so many breweries here. He just…wasn’t right. There are like, fifteen different breweries. The town would have to be cursed for them *all* to suck.)

So. I dragged them off to my favourite brewpub that I happened to know had beer flights, which are essentially just sampler platter, only of *beer*.
What we didn’t know was that the town tree-lighting ceremony was happening that night.
We had just gotten our sampler platters, when people started pouring in. (Including some of teachers from my elementary school, which is always a bit weird. Small towns.)
There was also a barbershop quartet. They ended up sitting next to us, and had this moment where they pointed at our sampler platters and said “I want one of those!” which was beautiful. We were sampler buddies.
(Seriously. Why make decisions when the answer can be “all of them”?)
However, most folks join barbershop quartets because they love to sing, so when faced with a room full of people they think “Opportunity!”. So, the barbershop quartet would walk to the table with the elementary school teacher, where she would then start the rhythmic clapping that all school children learn means “STOP TALKING AND CLAP AFTER ME.”
When the bar was clapping after the teacher and (relative) silence descended, the barbershop quartet would do their thing.
I love people.

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