An Afternoon in the Country

I went to visit one of my friends today, and one of the things that we always spend a lot of time on is sharing music. What bands we’ve discovered, what things we’ve gotten back in to.

On this particular afternoon, we were overtaken by a singularly strange brand of nostalgia.


There is one thing about growing up in farm country that seems to be truly inescapable, and that is country music.

So, we pulled out all of the stuff that we remembered from being kids in beat up cars driving through endless hill of wheat.

The songs that we loved knowing all the words to:


The songs that are fabulous for belting:


The songs that are clearly just meant to be as tragic as possible:


The Classics:

Some of the best worst lyrics ever written:


(Seriously, though, this song has they lyric “It wasn’t very long ago that you yourself was just a hay seed plough-Leaboy who didn’t have a row to hoe.” I just….it’s so beautiful.)



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