Bananas Foster

This morning, armed with bananas, plum cake, and brown sugar, my friend and I took to the task of Bananas Foster.

None of us had ever made bananas foster before, which really just made it better.

We were able to acquire a stick of butter and some Puerto Rican rum for our cause.


It was beautiful.

Everybody there mostly knew how to cook, so we’re all just throwing out ideas for how to make this crazy flaming sugar happen.

We ended up cooking our sliced bananas with the butter and sugar until it made this fantastic syrup, and then added the rum – which was fabulous, because we didn’t have matches, or a proper kitchen lighter, so we ended up using a twisted up piece of paper to get the flame close enough to the rum to light while also not burning any hands off.**

We got some spectacular blue flame.

Also, it was delicious.

All in all, a highly successful breakfast.


Then I had to leave really fast, brush my teeth and book it to a dental appointment.

Oh, sweet irony.



**Obligatory Warning: Please be careful when playing with fire! 😉



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