Exiting the Carousel

In Seattle, there’s the Pier, which is a generally tourist-y area on the ocean which is a fun place to go for a walk.

Except for right now, when there are giant digging machines everywhere, and the whole place is torn up.

I’m staying with my Wondertwin, and we decided to go wander along the pier before we knew about the construction. Once faced with the construction…we chose to wander anyway. 😀

It was pretty fantastic because we ended up going into places that we usually skip, because our usual spots were blocked off.

We also managed to find a carousel.

Because we’re awesome and totally adults, we totally went for a carousel ride. It was awesome. (I may have climbed up too high on my horse and hit my head on the ceiling of the ride. Possibly.)

The only trouble came…when we trying to leave.

All of the ways to get out were blocked off.

We may or may not have ended up leaving through a back door marked “employees only” that dumped us around back, forcing us to then loop around to where we had to wind around “The Seattle Great Wheel”, which plays 8-bit music for a soundtrack, in case you were wondering.

Oh, Seattle. Such a beautiful city.



That *was* an exit we ended up going through. Even though I didn’t trust it very much.


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