I Am a Boring Adult.

Sometimes there are moments, when I’m sitting around a table, and it’s 10:30 at night, the dishes from dinner have been put in the sink, and we’re splitting the last of a box of cookies, and I realize…

I have become a participant in the kind of dinner party that seven-year-old me would have despaired over.

We’ve done nothing but sit around a table and *talk*.

And to be perfectly honest, it’s brilliant, because, seriously. I love people. Talking is fantastic. Dinner parties are amazing. We talked about art and activism and told stories of travel, we’ve talked of dreams and projects and the beautifully un-ending topic of youtube videos.


So. In conclusion: There are some evenings, when nothing in the world is more satisfying than being a boring old person. šŸ˜€



3 thoughts on “I Am a Boring Adult.

  1. It may be boring to rest, but rest come in handy. Nice to hear you are having fun. The best of joy and fulfillment to you in 2015.


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