A Place to be From

I was staying with my friend Rukha, and I was expressing my frustration with the common question when travelling which is “where are you from?”.

I don’t really have a great answer for it, in the way that my first response it to just spout off crap about the town I grew up in. However, I haven’t really lived there for several years now, so I don’t really love that answer.

Rukha pointed out that most of those questions are really just a person trying to convey “tell me more about you”, which does seem quite true.

(So now, in my efforts to be awkwardly straight-forward all of the time, I will be replacing many of my questions with just “so…tell me more about you”, in as non-creepy a way as I can devise.)

Anyway, aside from all of that, I mentioned that recently my answer has been some variation upon the theme of “right now I’m travelling.”

It works pretty well for me.


But then, Rukha said something that I thought was pretty magical:


“When I get to where I’m going, I’ll know where I’m from.”


And that, I like more.


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