Search for the Same

Last night, I went to an Ecstatic Dance for the first time (also known us five rhythm or five movement dancing), which is sort of like clubbing, only all of the lights are on, there’s no talking, and there are no strings attached if you want to make physical contact with another person while dancing.

It starts with mellow stuff, for dancing that’s almost equal parts stretching as dancing. Then it works to an intermediate stage, and the middle of it is really high-energy. Then it slows back down.

It was interesting talking to Rukha about it, because as she was explaining the sort of human connection and release that she got from ecstatic dance, it sounded almost exactly like the description of moshpits at noise shows that I got from my WonderTwin’s room-mate.

It’s this idea of physical contact, and connection through movement, where there is no penalty for channelling your emotions into movement. There are no consequences for letting go and just being swept up in the motion of the people around you.

It’s these spaces where people have given themselves permission to be overrun by the emotion in the atmosphere.

People cry, people scream, people move together, just because they’re *there*.

It’s kind of beautiful.

It’s also interesting how people find different ways to experience the same things.


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