Of Hitching and Inspiration

Today I left my friend Rukha’s house.

I don’t know if I’ve ever really mentioned it, but Rukha is…one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met.

We used to have a bit of a system,where if we wanted to do something but were intimidate or afraid, we could just call up the other person, who would then just say “DO IT.” When we moved to different places, we both had really ridiculous answering machine messages, and if one of us was ever afraid of doing, all it took was the freaking voicemail to remind us “No. You got this. It will be so worth doing, once you get over your fear.

Rukha and I have been hitchiking buddies for a long time now – in the way that, when we first started getting involved in hitching, neither of us really had a lot of interaction with communities who hitch; so a lot of it was us, discovering for ourselves this way of travel that is…often not encouraged.

Rukha and I have had half-baked plans to hitch together for years. Since the two of us started picking up people and sticking out a thumb, respectively.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to get back North from where I was staying in Oregon, ad then it sort of fell into place: I should really be hitching.

So I’ve packed all my gear,destroyed a cardboard box to build an I-5 appropriate sign, and can’t wait to hit the road.


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