Adventures in Hitching – pt. 1

Rhuka and I left the farm mid-morning, because we were in a valley where the frost won’t melt off the grass unless it gets direct sunlight. It’s freaking beautiful here, but so cold.

Also because she gets to play with a tractor when the ground is frozen. 🙂

We got a few miles away from the farm, when her car started making this really unhappy noise; this kind of clanking, knocking sound every time she stepped on the gas.

So, we pulled over and called every mechanic-type-person we had phone numbers for.

We eventually got the response of “Knocking noise? That’s usually engine trouble. That’s bad. Don’t try to take it into town. Just get a tow.”

We were pretty near to a farmhouse that had smoke coming out of the chimney, so we walked there in hopes of being able to make our phone calls from the warmth of a house.

Instead we met a woman, who I’m pretty sure was afraid of us. She had about nine dogs, al of which were about the length of my forearm. She let us borrow her landline though, and after about ten minutes of phone calls standing on her porch shivering, she let us in.

We got our tow arranged, and then the woman showed us a secret trail to a bike path so we could walk around while we waited.

We went down the trail and found a sunny patch and had a Fleetwood Mac dance party until the tow truck showed up.

Our tow truck driver was awesome. He’s been to more countries than states. He has also eaten rattlesnake, and apparently, it does *not* taste like chicken.

anyway, we finally got into town, and I decided to hang out with Rukha until we knew what was wrong with her car. It turned out to not be an engine problem. It was loose lug nuts. So, the sound we heard was actually the tyre attempting to wobble off as we drove.

Content in the knowledge that nothing was actually wrong with the car, Rukha took me up to I-5 and dropped my off on the side of the road.

The Adventure Begins!


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