Adventures in Hitching – Part 2

Armed with my signs, and a smile, and a very friendly red knitted cap, I stood on the side of the road.

My first ride came after…maybe only 30 minutes or so? (Ahh, the benefits of being a female-bodied hitch-hiker…)

A *huge* pick-up truck pulled over. The guy was with a young kid. I really suck at ages, so I have no idea how old he was, but he was definitely still car-seat sized.

I figured anybody with a kid in the car couldn’t be that bad.

…probably not the best choice.

He was a nice guy, but he never stopped talking about his situation with the mother of his kid.
It was really full-on.
I didn’t spend very long in that car. I got out at the next major city.

I picked a really crappy spot to get dropped off, however.

The on-ramp was super long, and led directly to an overpass, so I had to walk the entire overpass before I could to a part of the road where people actually had enough space to conceivably pull over.

It was also getting later in the evening, and I realized that I definitely wouldn’t be able to keep hitching after the sun went down, because it was only warm enough to be on the road when I was in the sun.

I think I was probably on the road for another 30 minutes, before I had this moment.

I just…looked around, and then suddenly, there was this beautiful person walking towards me from a car parked about 100 meters away.

I walked forward, not totally sure if they had pulled over for me, and then the person smiled, and waved me forward.

Their name was Rusty, and I was introduced to the “Car Full of Queers”.
Tiga, Rune, our driver Mo. I smiled and said “Perfect. My people.”

They were travelling to Portland from a queer sanctuary in Oregon called Wolf Creek.


We rocked out to Bjork and The Gorillas and the Scissor Sisters and Perfume Genius.

They asked if I was going to keep hitching when I got to Portland. I told them “only if the sun is still up”.

They said “You can totally crash with us, if you don’t have a place to stay. We have plenty of room.”

We got to Portland. The sun had long since gone down.

We ended up hitting Voodoo Doughnuts, because, Portland.

Then we went to their house; awesomely called “The Mothership”.

My life is so amazing.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Hitching – Part 2

    • Also, it was like, 9:30 P.M. on New Years Eve. Powell’s wasn’t open just then.

      Because not only is Powell’s heaven, it also treats it’s employees well and gives them holidays off.

      le sigh. True love…


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