Adventures in Hitching – Part 3

I was safely delivered to The Mothership, where I was shown around and given the chance to warm up.

I called my brother, only to get the response of “Hang on, I’m parking. I’m in the suburbs of Portland.”

My brother is an international trucker.
I’m…sort of an international hobo.

We do not get to see each other very often.
But, magically, we ended up in the same town.

I said “Tell me where you are and I’ll get there.”

So, I left The Mothership, and headed to the bus stop.
I found the right bus stop, but, as is typical, I saw a bus coming and thought “Oh shit, I probably shouldn’t get on this one. It’s probably going the wrong way.” and I dashed across the street.

The bus stop across the street was actually occupied by people, so I got there and said “Is this going North?” and they pointed at the bus that had just driven by my abandoned spot and said “No. That one does.”

So, I walked to the nearest gas station and walked as slowly as I could without looking suspicious, then walked to the next nearest gas station, where I walked as slowly as I could without looking suspicious.

By this point, a person had taken up residence at my desired bus stop, so I thought “Ah, people are congregating, the bus must be coming soon!” so I went out to join them.

I asked the woman if I was at the right stop, and she said yes.
She asked where I was going, and then, upon finding out that we were only a few stops apart, she decided to take care of me for the night.

In Portland, you can call the bus which still kind of blows my mind, because, seriously. Public transport actually having useful interactive implementation? Freaking incredible.

Anyway, we called the bus, and found out that it was running about twenty minutes late, which was far too long to be waiting in the cold at the bus stop.

So, she took me to the bar she worked at.

Which happened to be a strip club.

She got us drinks, and we sat underneath the heater and talked.

We then proceeded to have some of the best luck with catching buses that I’ve ever encountered.

She managed to get me to a bus stop that was maybe 100 meters from where my brother parked.

I love people.


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