A Myth of Invincibility

Something that I’ve heard a lot of lately that I find to be incredibly frustrating is this idea that young people think they’re invincible.

That’s fucking bullshit.

I’ve never met anyone who thinks they’re invincible.

I just know people who haven’t been hurt yet, so they don’t have the scars weighing them down, causing them to flinch from new experiences.

Young people don’t think they’re invincible.

Maybe they just haven’t learned all of the ways that the world can hurt.

Eventually people learn things, they learn “I don’t like that” or “last time…”
So they don’t jump from the same cliffs.

That’s not invincibility. It’s being unburdened.

All of those fucking people who say shit like “Ah, the invincibility of youth”, sound more like their bemoaning the bitterness of their own hearts, begrudging others the courage that they themselves never had to face the hardest parts of life and motherfucking try again.

Or maybe they’re just longing for the days before they’re longing for the days before they learned of fear.

However, just because someone may not have experienced the worst of life doesn’t mean they think themselves to be invincible.
Just because they step were you wouldn’t because they’ve never felt a floor collapse beneath them, it does not mean they think they cannot be hurt.

Keep your judgement for the fucking mirror, when you look and see all of the things you wish you had the courage to do.

Do not give it to people who have done nothing wrong, except to trust things that you do not, because they have no reason to doubt.


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