Angkor Wat

I’ve noticed a trend within my own behaviour that my enjoyment of things seems to be directly related to the population density.

It’s hard for me to look at this incredible temple built thousands of years ago, that weighs like, a thousand million tons or whatever, and it’s a fucking incredible feat of engineering, but…all that I see are the signs “Go up these stairs” “turn this way” “this section off limits” “Go down these stairs”. All I see is the backs of other people, as everyone climbs the stairs to The Attraction.

There are over two hundred temples in the area of Angkor Wat.

The tour guide kindly explains that he’s picked “the best ones”.

It’s cool. It’s beautiful. Our guide knows some fascinating history about the area and how everything was built.

I’d rather be walking with enough space to breathe. I *like* history. I can look up anything I want later.

Instead, I’m pretending that my pictures weren’t all carefully cropped to not have people in them.

I’m not a very good tourist.


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