Up Helly Aa

Yesterday was the last Tuesday of January, also known as Up Helly Aa.

The Scottish fire festival where the island of Shetland builds a Viking Longship, holds a giant party, has a fire parade and then torches the boat.


So, I’m giving myself two years. I didn’t make it this time around, but by February of 2017, I will have gone to Scotland to watch a bunch of beautiful, crazy people light a boat on fire.

This is a promise to myself, and to my Wonder Twin, who wants to come with me.

2017 or bust.

I promise. In front of the entire internet. (And we all know, nothing on the internet will ever *truly* dissappear.)

In honour of *not* being there, I made my own origami Viking longship


and set if on fire.

It’ll be better in Scotland.


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