Thanks, T. Swift.

I have been listening to…a *lot* of Taylor Swift lately. I don’t know how it happened, but I have become an un-ironic total fan of Ms. Swift.

(That’s a lie. I know exactly how it happened. She’s *awesome*.)

Anyway. She’s got this music video out…

but for some reason, in the chorus when she sings “Got a long list of ex-lovers”, I just think she sounds…weirdly Irish?

So now I’m on the hunt for Irish popstars, and I’ve got …like. Three.

Good old Sinéad

Classic Cranberries

and…well. Yeah.

So please, friends, readers, interet at large, HLEP ME.

I just want some awesome Irish pop music. (Upon youtubing, I only find Eurovision, which, while delightful, is really not what I’m looking for.)


18 thoughts on “Thanks, T. Swift.

  1. You’re missing the most Irish band out there… Though they are arguably rock as apposed to pop…


    Here’s what I think about when I think of U2.

    But this is my favorite. And it reminds me a bit of you.

    However, I think this is the one you actually NEED.


    • But…U2 is kind of creepy and can no longer be deleted from your itunes account whether you like it or not… (I know more about Bono like, winning the Nobel Peace Prize or whatever than I do about the actual discography of U2 though, so I shall definitely go through and give them another listen.)

      Also, in terms of “rock”, then definitely Thin Lizzy. Because

      It’s hard to get *more Irish* than Whiskey in the Jar.


  2. Thin Lizzy…

    80’s pop with The Undertones?

    You want a real challenge? Find me some good Rock/Blues Scottish bands that are neither:
    1) The Eurythmics

    2) A one hit wonder, like the Proclaimers…

    God I love Annie Lennox’s voice.


  3. So… I actually watched the T.Swift. video you posted… While I don’t really like pop music, I do admire her. She’s actually pretty hilarious in that video. The whole Starbucks lovers and telling you she’s insane… Man, the look in her eyes with the running mascara during that phrase is awesome!


  4. So I actually had a whole conversation with Mr. Keogh about how there are no Irish rock groups (he doesn’t count U2). But I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly yet. Certainly not pop, and technically grew from Boston and Los Angeles, but undeniably Irish. And let us not forget the original band to popularize “Whiskey in the Jar”, perhaps most notable lately for the most prominent song in the American Sherlock Holmes film: One, two three, four five. Also, technically My Bloody Valentine is Irish, but I get bored of them pretty quick. The Pogues are a relatively famous Irish band. And, how has nobody mentioned Enya yet? Or Clannad for that matter? Hell, Clannad is simultaneously Medieval, new-age, and traditional Irish folk. Good luck finding any of their music on youtube though…


    • Flogging Molly & The Dropkick Murhpys are just really *not* pop.

      (I love the Pogues, actually. They have one of the few Christmas songs that I can listen to without instilling me with wells of uncapped anger and driven to violence.

      It’s also got Kirsty MacColl in it, who is *amazing*.

      I also don’t think I’d count Enya as pop.

      I don’t actually know if I’m familiar with Clannad? and I really only know The Dubliners in passing. I’ll have to look into them more.

      I may or may not LOVE My Bloody Valentine. I had no idea they were Irish.

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  5. Oh. Snow Patrol (“Chasing Cars”) is apparently Irish, but they don’t sound much like it. Two Door Cinema Club is also Irish! Famous for landing the Karaoke mix with “Something Good Can Work”! The lead singer has redder hair and paler skin than I believed were possible but maybe that’s post-processing…he looks like Chlöe Howl.


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