Style and Circumstances

I like to cut my hair. However, I started growing my hair out about a year ago, in an attempt to be able to pretend to look professional when required. Recently, due to unforseen circumstances and a distinctly unfortunate time crunch, I had to pretty much shave it all of.

Now, all I want to do is bleach the fuck out of it again. Because it’s short, and it wouldn’t take much time, and I like having bleached hair.

But…I probably ought not to do that, as I’m working towards a teaching certification, so I should probably be able to maintain some sort of so-called “respectable” appearance.

(Whatever that means. Seriously. What the hell does that *mean*?)

It means that I should probably wait until *after* I’ve landed a job to go blonde again.


(Additionally, my favored hair assistant is on the other side of the world. And training someone to bleach ones own head is really quite difficult. So. There is that as well…)

Le sigh.

Soon though.



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