Of Personal Experience

I talk a lot.

Most of it is bullshit.
(It’s usually pretty charming bullshit, so it turns out okay, but whatever.)

I say shit, and I usually mean it enough that it works, but then later someone will say something to me and I’ll be like o.o what.

Then they say ‘Yeah, you told me that.’
and I get to be like. “oh. Yeah. I mean. I suppose I do sort of feel that way. But. Really? I *said* that?”

But in those situations, I can also be like “Oh. huh. I don’t think I feel that way anymore.” Then I can either clarify my new position, or we can just drop it, or whatever.

I’ve realized something recently.

I have a really hard time having conversations with people who generalize a lot. The folks who casually throw out things like “Yeah! The best way to have fun is to get *wasted*!”

Or the ones who say “Everybody’s tried it once”.

It’s worse though when it’s things like “Everyone has that *one* teacher”.

Because this is my life, and I appreciate it when no one tells me how I actually experience the world.

Maybe I don’t have “That *one* teacher”, maybe I don’t like what they do.

Just…don’t tell me how I see the world. We don’t see things the same way.

And I’m learning, and I’m changing, and a lot of times, I look back on things and think “Oh. I …really wasn’t right there.”
But it doesn’t mean that anyone other than *me* can come to that conclusion.

How I perceive the world is my own truth.

The fastest way to get me to uncomfortable is when people try to tell me that I’m wrong about how I feel about my life.

There are just all of these casual assumptions that get thrown around, and it seems so strange and so incredibly arrogant to assume that *your* experience is a universal one.

I work really hard to base everything I say out of my own experience. I don’t always manage it, but I try. Because the only life I can talk about is my own. The only experience I have is my own.

Hopefully we’ll be good enough at communication and empathy to be able to relate to each other…but that’s not deciding what I’ve seen, how I feel or think.

I want to know about the lives of other people, because they’re different from mine.

So…do me a favour and don’t assume that we’ve seen the same things.


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