Sinbad is Down

My computer has decided to take a voyage without me.

Alas, I cannot follow where it goes.

Usually, I have a lot of time to follow the path of my computer, as it slowly slides towards the inevitable end of our relationship. There is time to come to terms with our parting, as the hours are filled with pleading and cajoling and learning to work around cracked screens with tornadoes of black ripping through proposed pixels.

This is the first time I have ever been met with simple silence.

I have gone on a journey, stripping away parts, attempting to see if I could make any kind of last-minute resuscitation.

Tragically, Sinbad is beyond my aid.

I do not know if there are others who may be able to fix that which is beyond my skill, but I shall have to find them first.

Ever onward, my friends. Ever onward.


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