Asking to Get Told

Sometimes, there are things that I…want to do, but don’t? Things that I should do, but haven’t yet. Things that I’ve already decided to do, but haven’t admitted it to myself yet.

Sometimes, these things build up, and I just want to call someone.

This phone conversation would go something like this:

Me: “Hey. I need you to tell me go do the thing.”

Them: “Dude. Seriously. Go do the thing.”

Me: “Thanks.” *end of call* *goes and does the thing.*

I’ve been trying to do that less lately, because…I don’t know. Taking responsibility for my own actions, and owning my own life, and accepting that *I* am the one driving my life and…reasons and stuff and junk.

…but I feel like maybe, in the scheme of all things, it’s not really *that* bad.
(And…if I called up my friends, and asked them to tell me to do something…it would go pretty much exactly like the sample conversation above. My friends are freaking amazing like that.)


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