Indie Rom-Com Meet Cute

I have a six hour layover when I get to the states.

This layover happens to be in the city where my Wondertwin lives.

I could be a normal person, and stay in the airport for this duration of time.

But… *Wondertwin*.

(And even if not Wondertwin, Theo offered to come down and see me. Like. Ride on buses for hours to come spend six hours at an aiport with no real plan of how to get back. How do I know so many incredible people? Seriously. I have The Best. Friends. Ever.)

So. Instead I checked my bags forward, got on the lightrail, and sent increasingly ridiculous texts.

She made dinner for us. (It was all worth it for a break in airline food. Seriously.)

Then we went out and split ice cream and a cupcake.

I got to enjoy how much I have corrupted my wondertwin by singing along with all of the really, fantastically awful power-ballads happening in the cupcake place.

The first chord would come on and I would be like “YES!!!! BEST SONG EVAR!!!!” and she would be like “I don’t know this one.” and I would be like “Yeah you do. Wait for it.” and then by the time the chorus hit she’d be like “OH. Oh god. You made us listen to this SO MANY TIMES.” and I was just like… “Yep!”

Then we went back to her place, where she packed me an emergency kit of real food to get me through the rest of my trip, called me cab, and got me back off to the airport, just in time to catch my flight.


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