Me + Real Estate = …I’m an Adult???

I first tried finding a place on Craigslist, which was…well. It was trying to find a place on craigslist.

So, I called up a real-estate place, and got an appointment.

I walked in to the office and sat down with the guy, and he was all “What are you looking for?”

and I was like “I want a kitchen. Like. I want a place with a stove-top and/or oven.”

and he said “They all have that.”

and I said “FANTASTIC!”

and then like, twenty minutes later, he was talking about neighbourhoods, and views and stuff and said “Is there anything else that you’d prefer?”

and I said “…I’d really like it to have a fridge.”

and he said “They all have those too.”

and I said “Even if they’re unfurnished?”

and he said “Those aren’t *furniture* they’re *appliances*.”

and I said “OH! Than…anywhere, really. That’s great.”



…and that’s the story of how I found my beautiful, fantastic, freaking incredible apartment.


I’m an adult!


…or something. 😀


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