An Interview

I had an interview today.

It went surprisingly well.

On my way to *this* interview, I got a phone call for *another* interview.

There was a strange moment during the interview when I said “I came back to the country” and the interviewer gave me an odd look and said “Back?” and I was like “Yeah. I was born in Washington.” and then he was really surprised.

(I kind of want to know exactly where he thought I was *from*. Like. I can pick up accents pretty well, but…like. My country of origin is very clearly stated on my resume.)

There was another moment when St. Vincent started playing on the radio. (Which was surprising for two reasons: 1) St. Vincent on the radio? 2) St Vincent on the radio *in Texas*?  But I managed to not start singing along. So. Win for me.

(Also, Wondertwin informed me that when she interviewed for her current job, she was also blessed with the background music of St. Vincent. So. I’m choosing to take it as a positive sign.)

So, I managed to totally own it on my introduction back in to the world of “Interviewing for Proper Jobs”.



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