Super *Something* Hair…

There are many unfortunate points when growing ones hair out. (I’ve decided not to bleach, and instead re-commit to the epic undercut I had before shaving everything off.

I really *like* undercuts. I can throw my hair up and be as punk as I want, but if I have to go off to some mob where I need to be able to pretend to be respectable, I haven’t totally cut off that option.)

I am, tragically, at the awkward Dragon Ball Z point, (I was going to include a video clip of that here, but the shortest one was two and a half minutes long. Seriously. Dragon Ball Z. That’s… *so* ridiculous.)  where my hair has not gotten quite long enough to rock the ’90’s sitcom boy-hair,


but is too long to pretend it’s “artfully tousled” bed-head.



Fashion: 8,509,343

Me: 0



(Upon reading this back, there are SO MANY accidental puns. But I’m choosing to keep them. I Don’t k


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