Down the Hill

Today I as walking to the shops, and I saw…the best kind of inter-generational support.

A red SUV was driving up the hill of the parking lot. The window was rolled down, and there was a kid standing on the runnerboard, holding on to the car with one hand, and with his skateboard in the other. They reached the top of the hill, and he hopped off the car, got on his skateboard and skated back down.

The man driving the car turned to me and said something like “You’re a lot less crazy then they are.”

And I said something like “Are you kidding me? That looks *AMAZING*.”

Then he said “Do you want to try?”

and I said “YES.”


I think that was the first time I’ve ever been on a skateboard.

I was terrible.

They all laughed at me.

It was *perfect*.


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