Ides Of April Mix: Walking in Slow Motion Away from an Explosion

I have decided to start trying to put up one mix per month.

I figured the Ides seemed like as good a time to start as any.


This one is inspired by Wondertwin (sort of).

Wondertwin works at a FUCKING AMAZING bakery/bookstore/cafe/*THING* that makes amazing food, has lego sets and lockpicking kits and *BOOKS* and is named after the SUPER AWESOME LADY  Ada Lovelace.


Her place of work does mix-tape exchanges, where people anonymously submit prompts, and then the prompts are handed out to fellow participants who then make a mix to match.

For some reason, Wondertwin and I often end up working on these together. Even if she’s on the West coast of Washington State and I’m…in the middle of the outback of Australia.

I digress.

Her original prompt was “The Feeling of Walking Through Someone Else’s Dream.”

The first mix she made was “Owner of a sleazy 1970’s Nightclub.”

This inspired the mix I am giving you today:  “Walking in Slow Motion Away from an Explosion”.

You can also stream it here!


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