Shortcut to Bad-Assery

I think I may have discovered the fastest way to feel like a bad ass.



Why yes, that is my bike in my parking lot.



3 thoughts on “Shortcut to Bad-Assery

  1. While I’m not really a fan of cruisers (no, I’m no squid either 😛 ) I do like the Honda Shadows. Nice choice! Enjoy the amazing gas mileage!

    I use to average 65 mpg on my old Ninja 250. I don’t imagine you’d get quite that good of gas mileage on the Shadow, but it should be pretty high!

    Also, for helmets, I love Shoei, but they are very pricey. I’ve heard good things about Scorpion, though, and they are much less expensive. Arai just don’t fit my head, but I know a lot of people love them.


    • Oh man. Sport bikes are way too flash for me. I *love* cruisers. It’s totally the laid-back thing aesthetic.(Blame it on family road trips through Sturgis during summers.) One of my housemates in Australia actually used to call me “Cruisy”. I dunno. I feel like there’s something inherently chill about riding cruisers. I like chill.

      Hahaha, gas mileage. There’s a funny story about that that’s getting posted soon…


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