An Updated Selfie

How I look now that I have my motorcycle endorsement:



18 thoughts on “An Updated Selfie

    • (May or may not have had to look up motorcyle-relevant definition of squid)

      *Magically turns into Dorothy-Ann from Magic Schoolbus*

      According to my research, the single most agreed upon marker of being a squid is not wearing the appropriate safety gear, and riding in ways that are past the drivers skill level?

      So…all of my cruiser pics are squids are closer to being squids? and definitely none of your sport bike pictures are?


  1. I feel that I should also point out that as a motorcycle rider, even a cruiser rider, you should check out MotoGP. It is AMAZING what those riders can do. My favorite rider is Jorge Lorenzo (Number 99 whose pics I posted earlier.)

    Here he is winning the 2012 championship.


    • At my place of work there are many televisions that are all playing different sport-themed channels, so sometimes, naturally, we get really obscure stuff.

      The other day, was like, Russian ice racing, or something. The closest I can find is this:

      It looked *insane*.


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