Subtle, Yet Important Distinctions

The other day I was driving home from my place of work, and it was late (as happens when one closes down a bar), and I think my boss was trying to be nice? He was giving another co-worker a lift home, and they got in this *giant* SUV, and then just…sat in the parking lot?

I kept waving them on, but they were waiting for me?

It was really uncomfortable.

So, I eventually got on my bike and drove out of the parking lot, only to have them continue to follow me.

I naturally stalled out at the first stoplight, because that’s what happens whenever anyone decides to *watch* you do something you genuinely know how to do.

Then, they awkwardly like, stopped in the middle of an intersection, to try and wait for me to get going.

I stalled in a different meaning of the word, and just waited until they had to go through the intersection before starting my bike back up and going home.


This is one of those situations, where I’m *sure* that it was probably coming from a good place. He probably thought he was looking out for me or something.

But, like. Nope.

Just creepy.


I was freaked out the entire drive home.


On one level, I am aware that I’m totally over-reacting.


On the other hand, I’ve totally had creepy guys try to stalk me home from work before.


But, honestly, it’s not even the creep factor. It’s just that…I’m an adult. I’m an employee, I’m not his child, I’m not his responsibility. I’m not his to care for.

I drive myself to work every day. One can assume that I can get myself safely home from work every day by the fact that I’m continually managing to show up.

Like. As much as sometimes I’m not, I am, in this instance, actually a functioning adult.

I promise I know how to fucking drive my own vehicle to get myself home.

Please do me the favour of trusting in my abilities enough to just accept that, and not follow me home.


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