Ides of May: Driving Mix “Belt It Out”

To celebrate being back in Road Trip Country, I’ve decided to make soundtracks for driving.


This is for those summer days, when every seat belt in your car is being used (and there might be some people squished on laps) and everybody knows the words, so you just crank it up and Belt It Out.

It’s also here on 8tracks, if that’s more your style!


2 thoughts on “Ides of May: Driving Mix “Belt It Out”

  1. I think you might like the theme of this song. I’ve been listening a lot to B.B. King today (he passed away at 89 years old this morning).

    That’s a live version from 1983. Great song and message. Also, once you learn the words, it’d be a great song to belt out 🙂


    • Oooh. Actually I’ve got a whole bunch of driving mixes that I’m working on, and I think this might fit really well for one that I’ll be publishing maybe next month.


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