Mild Fire

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a pyromaniac… I like fire.

In the way that I’m really quite good at building them, tending them, I know…probably quite a bit more than average about fire safety.

I just really like fire.

Sometimes I see things though, that I find to be a bit confusing, like this:



Like. I don’t really want to be mean about this, but like,

What the hell is “MILD” FIRE?

Like. That shit is *burning*.  By definition.

I’m pretty sure there is…not a lot of fire out there that can be described as “mild”.

(Unless you’re thinking “deceptively mild”, because people look at a good cooking fire, and think ‘It’s not that hot anymore’, weirdly forgetting that it’s still fire, and will still  burn the fuck out of you if you touch it. Seriously. People. Why do we do this?)


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