Late Night Talk

I have become rather good acquaintances with the guy who covers the night shift at the Holiday Inn.

It’s great, because, really, nobody comes in after midnight, so I get off work and we can just hang out and talk.

I sometimes realize how much I’ve really not done a very good job of building up a network of people I can actually talk to in person.

Then I remember, because I was chatting with this guy for over four hours, and by the time I went home, my voice hurt from talking so much.

I really like people, but often, I spend my time talking to people that I’ll never meet again. Part of that is just working in hospitality, but a lot of it is also me not going out and really finding people here in the city.

I’m getting better in that respect. I’m building a crew of folk to hang out with.

It’s really good. I love people, but having people that you actually have *history* with is also really really nice sometimes.


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