Best Call Ever

Okay, so not technically a call, but still.


Today was my first day at work after training. Unfortunately, the computer system was being worked on, and I didn’t have all of the codes to get in without the system running.

So, I talked to some people who talked to some people who had the number of someone who could come in and get me computer access.

This was awesome.

Then, the manager gave me her phone number, so if something else goes wrong in the future, there will be a significantly smaller amount of running around and people carrying messages.

Also awesome.




I have a group of new friends that I’d been trying to plan a hang-out session with for nearly a week.

I got a text, that was something along the lines of “hey, can you make it tonight?”

I am…stupidly fond of flowery text in casual situations, so my response was:


“I won’t be able to make until around midnight, but I’d love to come if you’ll still have me.”


I sent this text.


Thirty minutes later I got a text back from my boss saying “I don’t think you meant to send this to me.”




No, I did not.


Because out of context…that is…*THE MOST* BOOTY-CALL TEXT EVER.


…then I tripped on the floor and fell into a wall.




(I then decided to go home and *sleep* instead of going over to hang out.

This was…probably a very good decision.)


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