Note To Self: Do Not Be Donkey Kong

I was walking home from work the other day, when I found this:



…It may or may not have taken an inexcusable amount of will power to not do this:




(We’re going to ignore any physical impossibilities/ issues with reality that would prevent me from pursuing my desired course of action.)






6 thoughts on “Note To Self: Do Not Be Donkey Kong

  1. I’m gonna paint a tire ring yellow and have it spin on a pole outside SEGA HQ, see if anyone tries to jump through for a bonus stage.


      • I’d kill for an actual end of level goalpost I could have in my room, making the sound of passing it when I set off a motion detector.


      • That. Would be. Amazing.

        I would install one at the door of every office building ever and like, set a timer so it would start going off at 5:00 P.M., so when everyone left the building they’d get the “YOU WON!” noise.

        I’m sure it would do wonders for morale.


      • You’d think companies who create games would be full of their own gimmicks, like a scan out door at Naughty Dog HQ that tells them GREAT but they missed 2 boxes.


      • Oh my god, that would be SO FUNNY.

        (Note: in efforts to be honest and transparent, I totally had to google Naughty Dog. My video game experience pretty much extends to NES, and then…dies… :P)


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