Of Writing and Fashion

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time writing.

I’m working on building up my word count. I’d really like to be able to write something novella-length, but at the moment I don’t have very much practice with long-form stories.

I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at the shorter format of blogging. (Which, I’m aware definitely isn’t a short form for some bloggers. Some folks out there can write posts that are thousands of words long.

If that’s you, you are incredibly impressive, and I am immensely inspired by your abilities. For real.)

One of the things I’ve noticed about my writing though, is that often, when I’m writing characters who are women…I spend a lot of time describing their clothes.

I’m really frustrated by this, because, on the one hand, I don’t usually spend nearly as much time describing the clothing of the men (if I describe it at all), but on the other hand, I feel like describing the clothing of a woman is really telling of their character.

Is she wearing a dress? Does she have matching shoes? Are her jeans ripped? Did they come that way, or did she get them from falling off a skateboard? Does she wear combat boots and lip gloss?

Maybe it’s because men’s fashion usually has less variation, so choices are less individualized. A guy wearing t-shirt and jeans doesn’t necessarily tell you much about the character.

But, it’s making me realize how much I read into women (and other folks, but mostly women) based on what they’re wearing.

I need to work on that.


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