Habits of Television Consumption

I have noticed recently that I no longer seem to be able to watch dramatic television and take it even remotely seriously.

Though this might not actually be a new development. It might simply be more noticeable now, as I watch much less television, so my responses are just that much more intense for their rarity.

I recently had cause to watch the reboot of the BBC show Poldark (namely that my awesome friend had an instrument in it), and I genuinely made it about…30 seconds into the show before I had to pause it because I was laughing so hard.

(This is highly inappropriate, because that’s about the point where people start getting shot at and consequently dying. (spoiler alert but not really.))


I just…the *melodrama*. It was so absurd.


I think one of my biggest issues with dramatic television, is that in their enthusiasm for being SO VERY SERIOUS AND DRAMATIC, they hit the point where every single line is SERIOUS and DRAMATIC, which makes every conversation sound completely ridiculous.

I don’t care what century the piece is set in.

*No one has ever talked like that.*

And hopefully, no one ever will.


If they start to, please laugh at them until they stop.


Much love,



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