Model Human Being (Part 1)

I was sitting outside the Starbucks where I work, and I got an alert on my mobile, warning of flash floods.

I looked at the sky and thought ‘..Nah. It’s super nice out.’

Twenty minutes later, I looked at the sky and though ‘Fuck. I really need to get home before the rain starts.’


I got on my bike.

On of the side mirrors had come a bit loose, so I thought I might see if I could tighten it up a bit before I started home.

Instead, I managed to snap it clean off.

So, now, I was without a mirror, and hoping to avoid rain.

A bit pre-occupied, I drove to exit the parking lot, where I did an exceedingly poor job of picking the right angle to avoid a pothole, and ended up in an extremely awkward position at the entrance to the road.

Instead of making the turn, I managed to drop my bike.

I picked it up, got it started, and got back on the road.

I was…maybe  half-way home when the rain started.

By the time I was at the intersection nearest to my house, there were several inches of standing water on the road.

Every time a car went by, I would get absolutely *drenched*. Like, waves  of water would go over my head every time a car would pass by me.

I am soaked. My bag is soaked.



Awww yeah. Check out that puddle I made from walking in the fucking door.



And hung up on my shower-curtain road to drip off (hopefully) into the tub.


(Continued Here)



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