English (Outside the Shops)

The other day I decided to walk to the shops (because I decided that it really would be worth it to pick up a corkscrew from the dollar store).

If the dollar store happens to be pretty much directly next to a pizza shop with *really* lovely cheese bread, that’s purely a coincidence.




I promise.


Anyway. I ended up sitting on the curb outside of the pizza shop, eating my seriously delicious  cheese bread, and a guy walked by. He saw me, and he was like ‘You don’t have anything to drink.’

To which I was like ‘…no? I don’t?’

then he went into the store and bought me pepsi. Which was weird, and very kind of him.

It turns out that he’s from Saudi Arabia, and he’s here to learn English. He talked about how he was having a really hard time finding people to talk to, so it was hard for him to get any real practice.

We ended up talking for nearly two hours.

We have tentative plans to meet up next week so I can help him study for his language course.

I am, after all, a certified English teacher.

This might turn out to be really fun. 😀



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