Bar Room Television

I am the only bartender at my place of work.

What does this mean?

It means that *I* control the television.

It’s *beautiful*.

(It’s also really funny, because I lot of the shit that I would usually watch is actually not available? And like. I watch * PBS specials*, but the hotel T.V.s don’t have PBS?

I dunno. It’s really fucking weird, and completely hilarious.)



The hotel televisions *do* have about twelve different sport channels, and the Science Channel.

Which has become what I have on *ALL THE TIME*.


Like. I get the *best* conversations, because folk’ll come in for a drink, and then I’ll have ‘How It’s Made’ playing in the background, so the conversation ends up being, like,

‘Wait. What are they making here?’

‘I think it’s an immersion washer for machines used in medical procedures?’

‘Huh. It looks a lot like this things I once made for this project….’




It’s *SO MUCH BETTER* than having the fucking news on.

I love people.


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