Never going back *there* again…

There’s a hipster pub near my house that I’ve been to a few times, and it has officially been crossed off the list of places I will be returning to.

I went out last night, and managed to get hit on by gross, drunk old man.

He kept saying things like ‘if you come here five times, then we can hook up.’ to which I would reply ‘Nope.’

And then he would say things like, ‘You’re hair is short. I like that on a woman’, to which I would reply ‘That’s nice.’

And then the bartender came by, and checked my I.D., and made mention that my birthday was coming up, and Gross Old Guy was like ‘How old will you be?’

and I was like ’24.’ and then he just kind of stopped for a moment and said ‘I can’t hook up with you! You’re younger than my daughter!’

And I was just thinking ‘You can’t hook up with me, because I said no about TWELVE BILLION TIMES YOU GROSS OLD MAN.’

But whatever.

At least we came to the same conclusion.


(And I was wearing a sleeveless shirt, and he kept asking me to flex for him? Like. What the fuck. GO AWAY!!!!)


(But then later that night I managed to lose my card through the planks of the deck that I had been sitting on. I’m just taking it as a sign from the universe. I’m really not meant to be going there. It is ‘NOT FOR ME.’)


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