Holes in Metaphorical Pockets

I’m having a phase in my life where I keep losing track of things.


It is exceedingly frustrating.


Not that I am the neatest person, by any means. (Seriously. I am not. I see the point in keeping things organized only to the point in which everything can still be found, and pretty much no further than that. Which means a pile of stuff in the corner that I know in my head is just ‘STUFF YOU DON’T NEED RIGHT NOW’ is fully acceptable as a form of housekeeping.)


Unfortunately, my piles have sort of gotten a bit intermingled of late, and now I keep misplacing things  – and by that I mean I can’t find anything, but I’m not yet willing to admit that I’ve actually *lost* these things, so for now, they are simply ‘misplaced’.


And I *truly* hope to find them when I get around to actually  organizing.


Which will happen soon.






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