Goodbye, My Watch-Tan



I used to have the most incredible watch-tan.

(I buy a very specific style of watch: chunky, durable, multi-use, digital, cheap. So, picture that horrifying watch that comes free with the purchase of like, ten packs of sports drink codes? Those are the kinds of watches I wear. The ones that are also timers, and light up and are waterproof up to ten metres.)(I often find them at garage sales.)

Unfortunately, my place of work has a dress code that specifically prohibits the wearing of watches. (I actually sort of feel like this code was put in place specifically to deter people who wear the style of watch I wear. People who wear *classy* watches probably weren’t the problem here…)

So now, I am not wearing my watch, and the beautiful tan-line, that I have been perfecting for *years*, can be no more.

Alas, it has nearly faded to nothing!

Soon, my forearms will be monochromatic.





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