A New Tagline?

I was recently bestowed with what I believe might have to become my new tagline.

(I have a few. The first that I really remember is ‘A Font of Obscure and Oddly Specific Wisdom’, which I definitely keep around, as it is still highly relevant, and I am quite proud of it.

Another I stole shamelessly from Magic School Bus: Take chances, Make Mistakes and Get Messy!’

Clearly, I’m also quite fond of ‘A Foxy Lady Finding Shiny Things.’

That one is quite good too, I think.)


This new one has come from my Inspiration Friend, (my ‘Just Do It!’ friend, who I used to call for courage, whenever I thought I wanted to do something, and couldn’t quite get myself to knock on the door, I could call and just be like ‘tell me to do the thing’, and she would, with such honesty and enthusiasm, that doing whatever I was afraid of would suddenly seem completely possible.)

We were writing each other the other day, and she closed her missive with this:


Explore! Invent! Wreak Havoc!


And I *LOVE* it.


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