I was going to talk about something else, but I saw this, and it just fried my brain a little bit.

So now you’re getting a post of music videos of magical musical combinations.






and, as always, going to close it with EVERYTHING I LOVE ON ONE STAGE:


2 thoughts on “WHAT BEAUTY IS THIS?

  1. Annie Lennox has probably the best singing voice I’ve ever heard. There’s just something about her voice that hits me right >here<!

    As an over all musician, though, I really love Lady Gaga. While I don't usually like her pop music, stuff like singing with Tony Bennett and this video show just how amazing she is.

    Ha, one thing I just noticed is she's doing the "One butt cheek piano playing." from this Ted Talk, which you'll probably really like on it's own anyway, if you haven't seen it yet. It's my favorite TED talk ever. Though, every time I hear the first 3 notes of Chopin's Prelude No 4 now, I start crying :/

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    • Right? Like. Lady gaga is an *incredible* musician. (The other thing I really respect about her, is like, more than anything else, like, she can do music, and then she can make hits. Like. She knows how to make shit that *tops the charts*. And if she wants to, she can *do* that. And then sometimes, she’ll do other stuff. I think it’s really amazing.)

      Annie Lennox *is* just. Such an amazing voice.

      I’m excited to have another TED talk to check out too!


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