Late Night Chat

I got off work the other day, and (as I so often do) I just went outside and enjoyed the delicious, ambient heat of San Antonio, along with the complimentary free internet. (Heck yes. I’m so classy.)

I was sitting there (coincidentally blogging), and who should walk up, but my favourite regular.

And then we talked for two hours.

About music, and bananas and Brazilian walking spiders, and when your friends don’t tell you that those brownies have weed in them. We talked about photography and fear and creativity. We talked about bones and people, and the Marfa Mystery Lights.


It was this moment of silence, (or not silence, but, clarity maybe?) when I got to remember.

There’s been a lot of running around for me lately, a lot of frantic, and not a lot of just…*being*.

And that’s what this was.

Sitting on cheap outdoor furniture until we got kicked off the patio; connecting with someone beyond a smile and a nod and a drink in hand.

I love people.


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