Disappointment and Pests

My apartment complex was getting pest treatments yesterday, so I made sure to be gone from the house all day.

(This is *so* easy for me. I just grab my stuff and go somewhere with a good internet connection and write. It’s fantastic.)

Except, tonight, I got home (and like, very late. So late it’s early, type late…)

and I find that…my house has kind of been a bit wrecked.

My shit is just…kicked all over the floor, and more than that, I had some packages that were unopened as I meant to return them,  and I found them open on the floor.

So much of my shit is gone.

All of the biking gear I didn’t have physically *on* me.

*ALL* of my tools. (Including my multi-tool. I’m *gutted*. I’ve had that multi-tool since I left for university. I’ve managed to keep it with me across every country I’ve been to – even when I’m really dumb about packing.) And now it’s gone.


I’m frustrated, more than anything else, because…I still mostly live like a backpacker?

I don’t have that much stuff.

I *notice* when it’s gone.


But also…I don’t have that much stuff? It’s…really obvious that I don’t have that much stuff?

And I just don’t understand.

I don’t *have* anything.

Why would anyone want to take the things that I’ve got?



…so now I get to take a bunch of pictures and go make an official statement…


Not the greatest end to the evening.


3 thoughts on “Disappointment and Pests

  1. The company who did the pest control should be bonded. Either they stole the stuff or they left the door open. Either way, they should be liable. Sucks you lost your stuff, but it sounds like it’s pretty much replaceable.


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